Commercial Proof

  • HCAT Technology has been successfully demonstrated at the commercial scale in several refineries.
  • For example, at one European refinery, proprietary HCAT Catalyst Precursor was added to an ebullated-bed residue hydrocracker enabling the refinery to:
  • Increase ebullated-bed reactor temperatures up to 9°C over baseline resulting in a 10% residue conversion increase
  • Maintain the unconverted bottoms sediment within acceptable limits even while operating at increased residue conversion
  • Reduce fouling and increase cycle length of critical vacuum tower bottom heat exchangers
  • Increase residue feed rate by 5 tonnes per hour over baseline
  • Improve the fuel oil product quality, concurrent with increased distillate yields

This refinery has successfully used HCAT Technology, on an ongoing basis, for controlling sediment formation and fouling while operating at high conversion and throughput rates since January 2010.